who owns the data?

“Ownership” over the internet is a very tricky concept. If something is on the internet, usually that means it is meant to be seen and shared by multiple people. To me, you may still own the originality of the product put on the internet, but once is it on there you lose the privilege of controlling where it gets used or shared. Therefore, I believe that whoever produced the content (from their own original ideas, not copying) owns the data on the internet. An issue for public and digital humanists is that ownership and copyright of data on the internet tends to be in favor of large, successful companies. Take into consideration the Mickey Mouse copyright article; it explained that the more Disney kept in with the legislators and worked for them, the more they would get to prolong their copyright on Mickey Mouse and other characters, so that it wouldn’t be released to public domain. This showed (in my opinion) that “ownership” over the internet mostly benefits people who are willing to pay for that right, making this a risk for others, as if one company no longer wanted something they own to be on the internet, they could easily take it off and in turn taking it away from people who might want to access it.

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