ethics of digital humanities and digital history

Ethics can be viewed in various forms based on the person who is viewing them. Although some values are created solely by an individual’s own beliefs, there are some objective ethical principles to be upheld in the area of digital humanities and digital history. An important part of the ethics of digital humanities and history is integrity; especially in the area of digital humanities, the information shared by digital historians will be able to reach any person with access to the internet.  Therefore, digital historians (as well as all historian) have a responsibility to present factually sound data and not falsify or alter an information to either enhance their project or feed into their own bias. Integrity also plays into the idea of plagiarism, in which all original thoughts presented can be assumably from historian, but also include the acknowledgement of support of others’ work to produce their final project; either through citations of another’s work or mentioning the use of work to gain an better understanding. Ethics, especially in the scholarly sense, also entails making sure the work you present is detached from bias while in the process of gathering and putting together an idea. Digital historians need to check the validity of their own data and avoid offensive or disrespectful statements, or else they risk losing the credibility of the work and the credibility of theirselves as historians. The majority of being ethical in the digital humanities/history is to structure work with a scholarly conduct: factually correct, not one-sided (in terms of only looking for one-sided data) and presenting a resource for others to continue the growth of an idea. 

In terms of my digital humanities project on the Middle Passage and being that it is sensitive and heavy topic, it is important on my part to give great care to my process and respect the various and substantial history behind this topic, 

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