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Technology plays a large role in today’s society, almost to the point where I couldn’t imagine operating successfully in schooling, life or even work (I use technology to teach online Zumba classes since the campus fitness center was shut down due to COVID-19) without the use of technology. Although technology is a good helper, I was consistently told by my parents of the dangers technology had for my own security; being careful not to give out personal information, looking out for sketchy sites that might try to hack me and using trustworthy sites, although what would be deemed as trustworthy when all technology and everything on the internet, regardless of how protected something is, has the possibility of being hacked. 

Reading the two Mat Honan articles, How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking & How I Resurrected My Digital Life After an Epic Hacking, it was made clear that it is possible for anyone to be hacked, but the most alarming part is that he kept all his passwords for different accounts chained together with password manager which was meant to be able to be an easy solution to having access to passwords but was also meant to protect passwords as well, yet this device allowed hackers to access his accounts that were password protected. Not only do we give important information, like passwords, to password chains, but the majority of people also give information to many social media sites, like Facebook where many people put in their birthdays and previous/current jobs or places they’ve lived. This sharing of personal information is seen as good for your friends on these sites to see, but there are also many reasons that willingly giving this information without knowing everyone who would be able to see it or what it could be used for outside its intended purposes can hold negative consequences. Although some of the information we put on the internet or give to others is in our control, there are other people who have full access of information we might not want to share, such as the government. It is difficult to take a stand on whether government surveillance is good or bad, since them having our information is meant to protect us and our identities as people, yet it is also alarming that they have my information without my own control over it. 

No matter what, using technology has its risks but that won’t cause the people to stop. The best way is to either go entirely off the grid, but there are no promises this could protect you entirely, or to stay alert to hacking that might happen and be smart to either prevent it or know measures to take when/if it does happen.

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