Primary Sources

Title: Letter of instructions to Captain Samuel Kempthorne
Description: letter to the captain containing information on what he will be transporting and what actions to take should any slaves die and any consequences that may follow
Source: from secondary source from Documents Illustrative of the Slave Trade to America
Date: 1686
Contributor: Elizabeth Donnan
Language: English
Original Format: letter
Title: Letters from Slave Trade Merchant, Joseph Manesty, to John Bannister and Joseph Bannister
Description: one letter gives details on the size of a ship being built and the second letter gives information about the ship built
Creator: Joseph Manesty
Source: from secondary source: “Documents Illustrative of the Slave Trade to America, vol. 4”
Date: 1745
Language: English
Original Format: letter
Title: Former Slave, Olaudah Equiano Describing the Conditions of the Middle Passage
Description: He describes the treatment of slaves onboard the ships as well as the actions of the slaves because of these conditions.
Creator: Olaudah Equiano
Source: Lumen Learning
Date: 1789

Primary Source:

Title: Ottobah Cugoano recounts the slave trade Description: He describes what the process of capture and then boarding on the ship and experience on the ship as a child was like. Creator: Ottobah Cugoano. Source: Children and Youth in History, Children in the Slave Trade. Date: 1787

Primary source:

Title: An account of the slave trade of kidnapping and capturing Description: He describes the process of purchasing slaves and the way the kidnapped people soon to be sold into slavery were kept Creator: Alexander Falconbridge Source: Digital Public Library of America Date: 1792